Are your earrings heavy?

No! Polymer clay is a naturally lightweight but durable material. Because of this, they are nearly weightless and even the largest styles aren't heavy!

How do I clean my earrings?

It may be common to get makeup on the backs and sides of your earrings. To clean your clay, apply acetone to a cotton swab and gently rub until its clean! **Excessive cleaning may result in weakened clay**

Where do I store my earrings?

To prolong the life of clay, store in a cool, dry place

Will my earrings break?

Polymer clay is a durable material but may be susceptible to breaking when pressure is applied. Please treat with care. If you run into any problems, please email us at contact.wildflowerco@gmail.com

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! If you would like to carry Wildflower in your store, you can email us or send us a direct message on instagram! Our prices for wholesale are 50% off of MSRP.

Can I customize earrings?

Yes! Send me a DM with what you want and lets make your dreams come true!

What stores are you located in?

We are currently in 

Burlap Buffalo- Yukon, OK

Boutique Bar- OKC, OK

Studio 9- Wichita, KS

Savvy- Norman, OK

Are you looking for ambassadors?

Currently our ambassador program is closed. If they ever reopen, it'll most likely be posted on our instagram story! Keep an eye out!

Are you interested in being in our giveaway?

The answer is almost always yes! Send me a DM on instagram!